About Us

Founded by Gwen, a visionary inspired by her profound connection to the joy of nurturing young lives, LittleSaints Creche is more than a childcare facility—it’s a loving support for you and your child’s first years of life.

Gwen’s journey began in the heart of the Irish countryside, where her love for the simplicity and beauty of rural life shaped her perspective. As the youngest among her siblings, Gwen’s days on the farm were filled with exploring nature alongside her family.

Gwen’s natural and extraordinary connection with caring for infants was cultivated during visits with her mother to newborns in nearby communities. These experiences, witnessing the magic of new life and the bond between parent and child, fueled Gwen’s passion for early childhood education.

Gwen from Little Saints Creche
Gwen and Jen - Directors of Little Saints Creche - South Dublin

Armed with a love for creation, building, and connection, Gwen pursued a career in childcare. After completing her studies at Portobello College, she embarked on a journey to establish creches across Dublin and Bray, guided by an unwavering commitment to educational excellence. However, it wasn't until 2007, following motherhood and leadership roles in various Dublin creches, that Gwen decided to materialise her vision. Opening her own educational centre marked the beginning of a place that prioritises safety, support, and inclusivity for young children.
Recognising that achieving this vision required like-minded individuals, Jen, the first co-worker, entered the scene. A passionate and committed educator since a young age, Jen had been organising free clubs and mini-camps for children in her neighbourhood.
Aligned in their vision of support, openness, quality, safety, connection, and understanding for each child, Gwen (founder) and Jen (manager), unlike many other creches are present daily, providing unwavering support to their multicultural staff. They ensure that the creche serves fresh, healthy meals and offers 100% support to parents whenever assistance or guidance is needed for their child's well-being and development.

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I feel very lucky to be in a place that I love so much. Because it doesn't feel like work. When you come in here. It's like you go into this place that time doesn't exist."